Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is just about the best thing ever. When we first got Promise he wouldn't come anywhere near his stall if you were in it. A couple of weekends ago I was taking a pic of him in his paddock from inside his stall.

You can see he felt just fine about joining me.

Here's another of our pretty boy. We realized recently when he belted out a loud whinny that we'd never heard him make noise before. He was so quiet and worried all the time. He even got annoyed at a bath the other day and started tossing his head. It's so good to see him finally acting like a normal horse and not one that's living in fear all of the time.

He's going to make a pretty awesome trail horse. Nothing spooks him. He likes to be in the lead, and tolerates Tax's head right up his hiney. But he also doesn't mind following Tax when we canter up hills so that Tax doesn't feel like it's a race and get too competitive. He has just enough spunkiness to be a blast. Now, if we can just convince him to let the farrier put shoes on him so gravel doesn't hurt his toes...
I have pics of our last trail ride I need to post. Both of the boys were so good.

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Promise said...

Too mare's name is Promise :)