Monday, June 22, 2009

Comments, oh my!

Okay, first wow! I have 3 followers! And comments even. Thanks guys.

Today is gonna be a picture catch up day. I know I still owe our recent trail riding pics but haven't actually downloaded them yet. Kim's gonna give me a hard time until I do though so it will happen.

Kim and Promise last summer. Kim would want me to point out right now that she's lost 30 lbs and looks great. All long and lean....brat. You'll see in the new pics so this is a good comparison.

Tax last year at Camp Far West. Nothing like trail riding 12 miles in an english saddle.

Lagoon Valley in Vacaville, CA.
Kim wanted a pic of her kissing Promise. So cute.

Tax is a ham sandwich and would rather pose for the camera than give kisses.

Here I'd like to point out that I've also lost almost 30 pounds since this was taken. Who said riding isn't good exercise?

It's a hilly area and the wind was blowing like crazy. Kim and Promise, here, are demonstrating how to try to see in 50 mile an hour wind. Poor guys.

Finally off that stinkin' hill and all that luscious green grass was too much for Promise to resist. Even Tax is licking his lips. WTF is up with my hands? I have no idea why they're up by my ears.

Heading back to the trailers...

We took some pictures of the boys at the trailer after we ate some lunch. Here are their very handsome mug shots. Promise should have his own calendar.

I also just wanted to write to say how in love I am with my horses right now. Tax is amazing. He learned to canter...finally. December and I jumped and she didn't freak out or blow up. And I rode her bareback last night and got brave enough to canter. I never imagined cantering again like a kid with no saddle. It was amazing.
More soon! I've been rolling around some ideas I want to get out here for discussion.


Broken Pony said...

Glad to see you are posting. I like being able to check out the Beaasts at will! LOL!

Redsmom said...

Beautiful horses. That blue halter looks great on the grey!

Sally said...

Oh! Yeah! A working mom with three kids that spends every free minute with horses-LOL-I love it! Keep 'em comin.