Friday, August 28, 2009

The Fence - Warning Pics of Puncture Wound

Last Thursday I got a call from the barn owner, Sandy telling me that Tax had gotten out of his stall in the night. He'd gone over the top of his back paddock fence but she said that he seemed okay. I should have called back, or just gone out there to check on him right away, but I trusted that as she said his scratches were super all superficial. I did wonder how he'd gotten over the 5 ft fence but figured maybe he'd climbed it somehow or jumped over. I considered myself lucky he hadn't broken his silly legs.

What I'd forgotten was the top rail of the fence. I still have no idea how the brute shoved himself between the top two rails. See the second pic in this post to see what I mean. There can't be more than 2.5 feet between them but that is where he went through. The 5 ft rail is bent down a few inches and the entire back gate is pushed out about a foot. I'm probably lucky he isn't still hanging in that fence with a broken leg. I also can't figure out why he did it. Not that it matters....I'm just worried he'll try it again.

So that evening when my sister got out to the barn I started getting pictures sent to my phone. His chest was quite swollen and he had a puncture wound in his belly a couple of inches in front of his sheath. It wasn't large, just about the size of a quarter, but swollen and my sister couldn't tell how deep.

I got him up to my vet the next day and the good news is that none of the injuries are serious. We've been doing bute and antibotics daily just to ensure nothing develops. I've been cleaning the wound and dressing it with neomycin daily and it looks much better after a week. I hose his chest with cool water once per day. It's still a little warm to the touch. I'll try to get some updated after photos as it heals.
I've started walking him in the round pen daily per the vet's advice and letting him trot just a little if he feels like it. I got super lucky and while the first couple of days he was really sore, he's feeling pretty good now.
We have a 12 mile trail ride we're scheduled for next Saturday and I'm trying to decide if I need to pull out. If he gets enough exercise between then and now it might be okay but the vet was a little concerned that he might tie up. I guess I could take the BGM but that might make for an interesting day. I haven't gotten much riding accomplished with the days getting shorter and having to do my daily stall cleaning and wound care. I never know if she's going to decide to have an attitude.
The good news is that we're moving to a full care boarding facility with a covered lighted arena! It will be such a big change and I'm excited. It's owned by a H/J trainer and her father, a farrier. Hopefully it's as ideal as it seems. I haven't been at a show barn for years.

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