Friday, December 4, 2009

Visit with an old friend

Last night we met B at her house to see her pasture, and to visit with Cody, my old horse. For 17 he looks amazing. I know she said he's had some problems with arthritis in his hind end but you couldn't see it last night. He was running around like he was still my 4 year old baby. I had Cody from the age of 4 until he was 13. B has had him for the last 4 years and plans to keep him til the end.

We brought him carrots and I swear the first thing he did after smelling my hand was shove his big old head in my chest the way he always used to. I managed not to cry but I'm pretty sure I heard some sniffling from Sister. Luckily for her it was dark... We gave him our carrots and lots of scritches and love.

His mane is all grown out now and I think it's becoming on him. Very thick and long. His coat is soft and shiny and his weight looks like what you'd hope an older horse would look like. He's downright fat for a TB. We didn't get pics since it was dark but I plan to drive by now that I know where he is and get some. B says we can visit whenever we want. Yay!

She's got her work cut out for her having bought a 100 year old farm house. It's pretty cool though, I must admit. They've started renovating the ancient milking barn on the place and want to open it up for the horses. I don't love the fences, there's barb wire at the far end of the pasture but they've run hot wire along the inside and it looks like they've started replacing it closest to the house with no climb. They do have a fenced arena and paddock that they keep Cody in at night so he can't get into trouble in the dark.

I'm playing it by ear right now. If she really wants December I think I'll sell her. If she doesn't push it neither will I...I'm kinda loving the BGM these days. We have an appointment with the vet on Dec. 12th to look at her leg and float her teeth. We'll see how it goes after that.

I rode December at night for the first time recently. Sister did it first last week so I was feeling brave. I warmed her up in the round pen and then I took her in the indoor arena. My younger two boys were in there with one of the kids who lives at the barn playing in the sand and gosh those boys get loud. December was really good even with them screaming and running around at one end of the arena and pigeons flying out of the rafters at the other. Who is this horse that has come and replaced my bitchy mare???


Amy said...

I think my mare does better at night sometimes, because she can't see things to spook at... lol. And she seems to look for my cues and aids... it's really great for building confidence. We went out to look at Xmas lights the other night, and she didn't even fuss when I slung a plastic bag full of her poo on the saddle horn. :)

Sometimes I ask where my bitchy mare went... and then the next day, she's back from vacation, pinning her ears like she never missed a beat. :)

Jayke said...

It's great to see that Cody is doing so well. :)

Pony Girl said...

It must have been really special to see Cody! Only once did I ever get to see a horse that I'd sold, afterward. I think most of my childhood ponies are deceased by now, but there is a QH mare that is around twenty. I always kind of wonder if she's still around. The hardest thing about selling a horse, even to what you think is a good home, is that you just don't know if it is permanent. I would never want my horse to end up in a neglectful situation.