Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grace, you silly mare...

See the plan was to move you out into the pasture to save me some money when your brother moves in.  I don't think he will get along with the other horses out there as well as you do.  Oh, but you have your own agenda, don't you? (Ususally involving food!)

Why aren't you afraid of the hot tape like all of the other horses?  It has to hurt when you push your chest into it.  Why do you feel like you should be able to just move freely from one pasture to the next by just climbing right through it?  Guess I can nix my plan of adding a hot wire turn out at home for you...  You'd be roaming the entire pasture whenever you saw fit anyway.  Brat. 

*We have perimeter fencing on the entire ranch and a couple of pastures with wood/no climb fencing but also a big one with just capped t-stakes and hot tape along the inside of the property.


Patricia said...

Lol. "Silly humans. Fences can't hold me back!"

Becky said...

Some of us are jonesing for some more Grace pictures :)