Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lesson kid

I agreed to give Maddy free lessons so she could get a safe start on horses.  I can't except payment as I'm an amateur, but she does help me feed when she's visiting which is nice.  I told her parents I would let them know as soon as I felt there wasn't anything else I could teach her, and she would need a real trainer to continue on with.

This is December and Maddy after a lesson on Monday. I feel like a broken record; heels down, shoulders back, hands up.  She's really learning a lot and very quickly.  We're just building the strength to keep all those crazy limbs where they belong.  Look at the legs on that kid...she's got long legs in proportion to her body.  Must be nice!

Cannot wait until its warm enough to scrub that mare down.

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Shanster said...

Aww - how nice of you! I think it's great!