Thursday, May 26, 2011

Allonsey's Show Day

My friend, Alyson, just moved her horse Allonsey to her trainers barn for a tune up.  He has been off work for months after some back and lameness issues.  I think that mostly the problem is he's out of shape and needs to build up his rear end so I've been helping her ride him and get him fit again and he's been moving much better.  He's fun to ride, just a little naughty, and I can tell still that he's had some good training.

We've had a few cases of EHV-1 in my county so everyone is sticking close to home and being careful.  Most of our local shows were cancelled last weekend so her trainer decided to have a little fun mini-show for her clients.  Alyson called to ask me if I would ride Allonsey in some of the flat classes and a hunter hack.

The day started off a little rocky.  Alyson rode in the walk/trot novice classes and Allonsey was really worried about the other horses passing him.  He exploded when another horse bumped him in the rear and bucked huge kicking at the horse with both feet.  Fortunately he missed but Aly fell off.  I'm proud that she got back on and finished her class. 

Of course it was my turn next in an open Hunter Under class...why do I agree to these things?  LOL  We did okay until the cantering and then when the first horse passed us he blew sideways pitching a fit.  I corrected him calmly but firmly and that was the end of him screwing around with me to that extent.  In each class he relaxed a bit more.  We got a forth in one of the flat classes when I finally got him around quietly without the drama when a horse passed by.  After our Eq class which we didn't place in I talked to the judge and she gave me a few tips.  I made sure to follow her advice in the next class which was the Hunter Hack.  We did well in the flat portion.  I was a little nervous heading into our line.  We hadn't warmed up over fences at all and I was expecting a huge overjump.  Instead what I got was a beautiful, straight and completely clean line.  I was expecting to place at least 4th in the class after watching everyone go.  You can imagine my surprise as they called 5th, then 4th finally 3rd and we still hadn't placed.  By the time we got the 2nd and they still hadn't called us I was completely disappointed.  I thought it had gone so well and yet I still wasn't prepared when they called us out as the first place winner!

Pics below of the hunter hack class and my happy surprise after.
 Allonsey lost his tail due to a horrible infection from a tail bag being left on and not checked.  :(  His nubbin is pretty cute though!

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buckpony said...

You GO Girl!! Congratulations on that well-deserved win and for having the confidence to ride that silly boy like you did! He is lovely and you look great on him!