Friday, November 14, 2008


Tax cut his leg some time ago across the front of his front left fetlock. It never looked serious so I cleaned it up and just left it to heal. So Thursday of last week I was out at the ranch and cleaned the stalls and rode one of the barn owners horses. I turned Tax out a for a bit and he seemed odd but to tell the truth I was in a hurry and didn't look him over like I should have. I did notice the scab seemed thick so I called my sister to ask her to bring out some bag balm to see if we could soften it up but I didn't touch or inspect his leg. My sister got there after I'd left because I had to pick up my kids from daycare and I was already late. When she went to put the bag balm on his leg he jerked it away from her. On closer inspection it was swollen and warm and obviously painful. Argh...I can't believe I missed that. My life the last few days has been busy with soaking, cleaning and wrapping his poor leg but I do think that the infection that may have been starting is gone. It's no longer swollen or warm although it still seems to be painful to the touch. The scab is gone though and the cut doesn't look serious at all. I think it will heal nicely now. I just can't figure out how he did it but both he and December have these strange sores across the front of both fetlocks. The only thing I can think is maybe they're knocking them into the door frame going into their stalls from the paddock but the wood is worn and rounded and doesn't look dangerous.'s always something isnt' it?

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