Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This has been what my life is like for the last 2 weeks...

I was cleaning Tax's stall and I left a full muck bucket in the isle out front. Then a few minutes later I backed out of his stall with another full bucket in a wheelbarrow. I had totally forgotten the first bucket which I tripped over and fell backwards into. I realized I had dragged the wheelbarrow on top of myself somehow, but it was still in the doorway of the stall so I couldn't move it forward or tip it over with the weight of the full bucket I had up in it. I had also twisted slightly to the side because of the inital ass wetting shock of sitting in a full bucket of horse pee wetted shavings and couldn't reach the ground to get enough leverage to get unstuck. I thought I was going to be stuck there all night but about the time I was wondering if I could manage to reach my cell phone in my pocket without killing myself to call the barn owner I managed to wriggle free. I was laying on the dirty barn floor convulsing like a heroin junkie three days past his last fix admidst hysterical bursts of laughter, but I was so happy to be free of the bucket deathtrap and so thrilled no one else had to see that little episode. I have no idea how I didn't spill either bucket 'cause it was close a couple of times. I bruised my knee and leg all up and somehow cut my lip on my tooth. Ta Da.

The morals to this story? Beware of ninja muck buckets! They're everywhere.... AND maybe I should be required to wear a helmet just to get my daily activies completed.

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