Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creating a sale video and new prospects

I took Tax to my trainer's barn this morning so her advertising person could make a sale video of him. He was really good both getting in the trailer and while we were there. The assistant trainer rode him and he looked amazing. The trainer liked him more than I thought she would and thinks I've got him underpriced so I may repost his ad and see what happens. I should have the link in a couple of days so I'll post it and you guys will get to see Tax hard at work. Yay!
I've been looking at horses for my second prospect. :) Here's pics of a yearling the trainer wants me to buy. I'm not sure about a baby but the trainer is really good with them and I could start the APHA shows slowly with a year of halter, showmanship or lunge line. I don't know... He does have a nice butt though.

They says he's got nice movement and will be a good WP prospect. I'm kinda thinking for a second horse I'd like a HUS horse though. I feel ridiculous in a cowboy hat.

She also has a gelding in training for sale that I love but he's registered AQHA. No one from the barn shows AQHA and I really feel like I'd like to have support when I start showing. I'm a wuss that way. Anyway, he's 3 and already 16.3. He's built like a warmblood but moves like a quarter horse. He's dark bay and beautiful. Yep, love. I heard they're also getting his half brother who's steel grey and just as big. I may not be able to resist... I do not need a gigantic quarter horse, I do not need a gigantic quarter horse, I do not need....

Here's a picture of our new puppy Bella. She's seriously the best puppy ever. Great personality and wonderful with the kids. Our barn owner found her running around stray. I wish I'd gotten a pic when I first got her and now so you could see how much weight she's gained. I have no idea how she got the way she was, but people suck sometimes. You could feel every rib and every knob of her spine. Her back in was so thin she looked sucked up. I haven't even had her two weeks and she pretty much looks like a regular dog again.

I told Nikita, our older dog, I'd post her lovely pic too so she wouldn't be jealous. Pretty girl and playing so nicely with the new puppy. I'm proud of her.

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