Monday, February 15, 2010

Our First Showmanship Clinic

Did I mention Grace isn't finished in Showmanship? We had fun anyway and it gives the trainer something else to do. They're going to work on it. Yuck and I think I gained back all the weight I lost before the surgery so I have a project too.

Here are the pics. I traded off with my niece and we used Gracie and Reggie. Reggie is another client's horse. He's a beautiful mover and wonderfully trained so please ignore his lack of conditioning and his awful haircut. He came back to the barn looking like that.

The Reginator. The funniest part is his owner calls him Armani now. Not exactly what I think of when I hear Armani.

And Miss Grace. I love this horse.

Gracie with the neice person.

Hanging out together with our horse buddies...

I also got a new show saddle. It looks so pretty on Grace. Please try to ignore whatever the kid did with the reins. We had a long lesson about keeping her hands down with the curb bit in unless she's asking for something. Her Eq is actually improving pretty quickly. Now we just need to convince her to be more commanding but Showmanship should help with that.
The neice trying on show clothes. These were pretty darn funny. We're so not cowboys.
Good news. A trainer came to try December today and liked her. She asked me to do a 30 day trial so she can have a couple of her students try her out. I decided to give it a shot against my better judgement but I liked her, and she rode December really well. I've seen her place and it's very nice. I'll be out to check on her frequently to make sure she's being cared for. Please pray for me it be a good fit. I know they liked her training but were worried about the fact she's a windsucker. I keep a collar on her in the barn and she doesn't do it in the pasture. I hope they get over it. Also, they were worried about the scars on her leg. They do look pretty ugly, but she admitted she was happily surprised that she's totally sound.
I need to get money in the bank for at least one of the TBs and I have my eye on a pretty little paint pleasure horse already. She's the mare I took my first WP lesson on. She's come a long way and is an amazing little horse. Great personality too. Keep your fingers crossed that I get one of mine sold before she gets sold. I figure if its meant to be it will happen. :)
Also, I got a puppy for Valentine's Day. She was just a stray one of the girls at the barn found but I like her. She's a black lab mix and has curly hair all down her back; maybe a Chesapeake Bay cross. Cutest little thing ever. I'll get some pics. She's the best puppy I've ever met. So sweet and doesn't jump, bite or get rough at all. She's about 4 months old and she already comes, sits and walks on the leash ok. Now, we just have to get her to learn her new name...Bella.

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