Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Jennifer (Yankecwgrl) was kind enough to give me an award! See her blog here:

I've never gotten one before so I'm very honored. She says she likes reading...when I actually post. I start back to work tomorrow so I imagine I'll have plenty of lunches to post during to kill the boredom. The great news is I'll have something to blog about...I'll get to that in a minute.

First...I'm suppose to tell you 7 things about me you probably didn't know before.

1. I'll just start here. I have a big tattoo on my back. A phoenix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It symbolizes immortality, change/rebirth, and honor depending on the region of the myth. I've changed a lot in my life and the idea of a second chance resonated with me. So, now I have a big bird on my back. :) Wish the picture was more clear, the details in this piece are very cool.

2. I'm the biggest fan girl geek you'll ever meet. I love comics and weird movies. I loved the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like superheroes. My favorite is Rogue from the X-men. I'm dying to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie because I love Tim Burton. So, yeah...I'm a geek. Whatever.

3. I used to dance. Ballet when I was a kid and then period folk and ballroom when I was older. So You Think You Can Dance is a favorite show around here...but I don't like Dancing with the Stars. Dont' know why; think its because I like the idea of kids working so hard to make it in their art.

4. I'm the biggest clutz. Seriously. Sometimes I fall down just walking. I constantly have bruises. Last week I dropped a saddle I had out on loan to do a prepurchase fitting. Good thing I liked it cuz now it has a brand new scuff mark from where I dropped it on the ground. Sigh...

5. I was goth when I was younger.'s true. That's me there: black hair and pale skin and sullen personality and everything. You've all seen those kids on South Park, right? I still love the music, but now I also love pink, and happiness, and kittens.

6. I never thought I'd like cowgirls (too blond) and now I'm a blond cowgirl. Who knew? I also never thought I'd own a paint especially not a tobiano, and yet I have a paint tobi. It's good to grow up and learn to be open minded. I finally learned that black hair and lip rings do not necessarily mean you are unique. I'm much more me the way I am now and I don't ever regret changing my looks from one to the other or back again.

7. When I was a kid I had a picture of Gem Twist (see right) ridden by Greg Best in the Seoul Olympics. I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life. He looks like he's flying. This is the reason I started jumping horses. This is also the reason I love grey thoroughbreds.

Now I'm supposed to send it out to 15 people (yikes) so I'll annouce who and notify them in my next post tomorrow.
I know I haven't been around as much but here's the thing. My doctor said I couldn't ride after my surgery but she didn't say I couldn't be at the barn. I've been hanging out with my trainer and her assistant and soaking up everything I could learn by just watching. I haven't been home to write posts, but I've been fully emmersed in all things horse. Today I got to ride Grace and she was so good. Like I could take her to an open show good. And I was good. So much fun...

Now for my good news... I met one of my trainer's clients who had a horse they were considering selling. I've loved Charlie since the first time I saw him but when I saw his kid ride him, I knew I'd never be the same. I told her mom he looked like a horse that could do anything...just anything. I remember telling my sister he was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I've been around plenty of grand prix warmbloods. Charlie's a 17.1 hand chestnut minimal overo paint. Gorgeous, balanced, beautiful movement and a calm willing personality. He's only 4 but he's so broke he could do the youth pleasure and showmanship easily. They wanted 15-20k for this horse who hasn't even shown yet which over course I can't afford so I'd sighed and moved on to Grace. Now they're moving soon and they decided they want me to lease him and show him for a year instead of selling him right now. My trainer is hoping a few months in we can work a smokin' deal since they really don't have time for him and they seem to like me a whole lot. Even better Charlie really seems to like me and that's all I needed to know. Looks like I will be showing competitively in the APHA circuit this year after all... Hopefully that means lots to write about.

Tax is in training with the H/J trainer at our boarding facility. She really seems to really like him, and he's been so good. Super willing and already learning to hold his frame more consistently. He can canter now!!! Tina thinks within 60 days he'll be ready to show if I don't sell him before then. I thought I'd possibly sold him but the lady turned him down. Not exactly what she was looking for, but she did really like him. Hopefully, the trainer might know someone who would be interested in him and I'm still getting some hits on my ad. If not we'll start showing and hopefully find someone that way. December is doing really well for the trainer I leased her to and the student who rides her the most is even considering buying her from me.


Yankecwgrl said...

OH MY GOSH!!! WOW! WHAT an awesome deal on that horse!
Ohhhhh I'm almost jealous!

I myself am on the hunt for the perfect show horse.

Congrats to you! You have GOT to keep us updated!
Photos of the pony....PLEASE???

Amy said...

You and I have a LOT in common! I suspect we'd get along great!! I also have a phoenix tat on my back (yours is nicer tho!! I need to get some touch-up done on mine). My passport photo is a source of great embarrasment.. the thing is only good for one more year! I was 17 years old and ALL gothed out... I even shaved my eyebrows a'la Marylin Manson (hides face in shame!!) I HAD a horse obsession as a kid, then I had a goth "everything sucks" phase, then I had a feminist "fight the power!" phase, and now I'm back to horse-obsessed and a bit more moderate in my other views!!

I am also painfully clutzy, but I have to know... how did you ever manage to dance?? I only dance if I'm drunk enough to not care how I look...

So cool about the show gelding, that sounds so exciting!! Please tell us all about it... I harbor a secret fantasy of owning a fancy show horse someday... for now my goals are just local shows without my mare blowing a gasket!

Great post... I love your blog, so great you get to spend itme with the trainer! Someday, when our weather gets better, I'm going to do a "ride-along" day with my trainer (she travels to her clients) and help her groom, etc. I just did a long-lining lesson with her 29 year-old saddlebred, and I realized how awkward I feel handling anything bigger than 15hh! I learned so much just from that, I look forward to seeing her work other horses, and learning by watching.

Fyyahchild said...

Jennifer - thank you!! I'm so jazzed I can hardly think straight. I swear things like this never happen to me. These people don't even want the assistant trainer riding him (has to be the trainer herself) and all of a sudden they want me to have him. I promise pics will follow soon.

Amy - haha. No eyebrows! That is hardcore my friend. I met Marilyn Manson once. That's an interesting story... I'd love to see a pic of your tat if you're ever feeling brave. You could email it to me. :)

Jayke said...

That's so great! Congrats on the Beautiful Blogger award too, I'm glad I learned so much about you.

Promise said...

Your tattoo is absolutely stunning -- great work by the artist!