Thursday, March 18, 2010

I know...

I know, I know...I still owe people awards. :) I'm terrible. Starting back to work has been more of an adjustment than I thought it would be.

December decided to get sick on the trainer who's leasing her so right now I'm trying to work on figuring out what's going on with her. They had her tested for strangles and the flu because her nose is running badly. Stangles was negative and we're waiting on flu. She's had a flu vaccination in the the last 6 months so I think that's unlikely and she's not running a fever. She's eating, but her weight is down. We're thinking maybe she has an abcessed tooth, although when she had them floated in December the vet didn't notice anything. I don't know how fast they can develop. If anyone else has any ideas, let me know. I'm meeting the vet out there this week.

I went out to watch Tax with his new trainer last Sat. He looks really good. She thinks he's got A circuit potential, especially his trot. In two weeks he's already much lighter in front, and he's starting to carry himself in a frame again. I love watching him get back into condition. I'll have to take new pics. He's a completely different color again this year now that his winter coat is shedding. He's much more fleabitten/roan than I expected because he was so light last year. I've decided to keep him for now. The trainer really wants to show him in our local H/J club to see how he does. I've got to find out how to become a member so we can earn points. It should be fun and dramatically increase his value which I can't complain about.

So, now I've got to make sure to keep December healthy so they can continue using her. I've got Grace who I will probably take out of training and she will be our open show, trail horse. I've got Tax in training to show and I'll be leasing Charlie to show in the APHA shows. I have got to get a budget together. This could be a ridiculously expensive summer.

That means I may be looking for another part time barn job again! At lease we have more hours of daylight and the kids will be out of school soon.

Oh! Also I recently got in touch with the daughter of the woman who owned the first barn I worked at. I'd written about her a she helped me with my pony, Applejack. I'm so excited to hear she's still at the same place. I'm going to try to get together with them for coffee soon. Writing that made me miss them so much... Yay!

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