Thursday, August 25, 2011


The nights are already getting shorter. I’m not ready for it yet. Our next APHA show is only one month away. I need to get a light in Charlie’s stall before he grows a winter coat. On a good note his bleached summer hair is shedding. Right this second he looks amazing; deep red and so handsome. His top line looks better and his hip has really filled out.

A couple weeks ago Tax twisted up a shoe, stepped on his clip and ended up with an abscess. Limping around on his front made his stifle start locking up again bad. With each step he looked like he was going to go crashing to the ground. I went home and sobbed myself to sleep. I soaked him for a couple days with Epsom salt and after two days suddenly no more limping. There’s a cut on his coronet band where the abscess may have ruptured. Started with some lunging to build back up his strength and make sure he was sound. Rode him for the first time last night and he feels stronger than before the abscess. No more locking up and his strides felt fluid and forward. Almost made me cry again but this time with happiness.

December…I love that goofy little mare. She gets so mad when I wear spurs or make her do lead changes. She does everything I ask but not without telling me in her own little way she is not pleased. Good thing she’s so darn cute. I’m thinking about seeing if I can find a kid that wants to lease her. She seems to actually like kids. She lets them get away with murder and doesn’t complain then about anything. She’d make such a nice little hunter show horse for the right one. She’d have to stay at my barn this time though. I promised her I won’t ever let anyone starve her again and I meant it.

Anyone think its possible to manage a small boarding barn with about 10 horses while I work full time? I’ve been offered a shot at it but I think I need a handy partner to help me out around the place. Still, I can’t really afford to say no right now. A little extra income would be nice…hmm…

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