Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its Official

Charlie and I will be showing in our first APHA show on August 13th.  I just got my novice ammy walk/jog card by email and I should have his transferred papers this week.  We're really going to do it.  Now, if I can just remember to keep breathing!

I wanted to take a moment to thank my trainer Rhonda Bowerman, of Bowerman Show Horses at Sierra View Ranch in northern CA, for being the most supportive and helpful trainer I've had.  This whole APHA world is new and scary for me and she makes it seem so easy.  I think my favorite thing about her though is seeing all the horses at the shows that she trained as youngsters who are still showing in their teens and are sound, healthy and happy.  She knows how to win and has a reputation for it without grinding her horses into the ground. 

In addition to that she is the absolute queen of showmanship and halter.  I never imagined liking showmanship (what, you don't actually ride the horse?) but I have learned to enjoy the partnership and the careful planning it takes to execute the pattern.  Its teaching me not to be nervous in front of a judge and that is priceless.

I'm going to show in the showmanship classes and maybe halter for fun.  I may not win but every person in the class helps the winners get APHA points and its time to pay my dues even if I don't place.  I'm certainly going to give it my best though!  Expect some updates and maybe some pictures soon.

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