Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chaps and Spurs

Horse updates...let's see. Tax is really making some progress. He actually looks like a dressage horse at the trot. Carrying himself in a really pretty frame these days. The canter is getting better but we're still working on it. I had a bad day at work the Friday before last so that Saturday on Halloween when my sister called she talked me into skipping my group lesson with Grace and hitting the trail. I needed it. We took Tax and Promise down the road our barn is on and out to a field at the end. The trail around the field is about 5 miles and in some parts parrells a pretty busy road. Tax has notoriously hated being anywhere where he can hear or see traffic, but Promise seems to calm him down. He could see and hear the cars and didn't freak out. He didn't love it when idiots honked at us but other than feeling a little tense for a second after the honking he was good. Once a truck pulling a large stock trailer with a flat tire went by making an awful racket and he gave a pretty good buck but other than that he walked calmly and quietly. It was nice not to have a jigging, side passing nutso on my hands. Then this Friday I tried to trot him over a pole in my western saddle and he jumped it like it was 4 feet tall and then came down bucking like a bronc. I got a saddle horn in my guts and then hit it again with my knee. I did for one second have the coolest sensation of flying right before I realized how much hitting the ground was going to suck. Tax then took off for a full minute of bucking like the rodeo broncs when they finally ditch their rider. I've never seen him like that and all I could do was laugh. Creep.

Sunday of this week the niece person and I went out to ride Tax and December. She rode December who spooked with her for the first time ever. Just kinda put her head down and spun around but the kid handled it well. Her seat has really changed since she started riding. Too cool. She took her and worked her in the other end of the arena until she calmed down and got an awesome canter out of her. She looks great.

Then we went out to see Grace. The barn owner wasn't there and I had to leave my truck outside the gate with my saddle in it. We decided to hop on Grace bareback and I started teaching the kiddo about how to feel where your horses legs are. They just walked but that was okay. The niece is still amazed at how good sitting on a horse feels without a saddle in the way. They're all fuzzy and warm and cuddly. She wanted to take a nap up there on Grace's back and I don't blame her. Compared to the TBs she's build like a mattress on top. Wide and comfortable withers...mmmm.

Good news...the trainer has Grace switched over into a full bridle. She's a becoming a very well trained horse for my kids.

We also went to the use tack store in town to look at WP show clothes. Ahahahaha. I love it! Me in a cowboy hat is just an amusing idea. Did I mention I was a punk/goth girl growing up? Even better is my geeky, anime, comic book loving, boy short spiky dyed black hair niece in a pair of Rockies, chap and point toed boots w spurs. We look ridiculous and we love it. She did decide showmanship is out based on the lycra super cowboy costumes. Can't say I blame her...

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