Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long days, short moments

If anyone has any suggestions about how to stop the asian spam comments on my blog let me know.  How annoying!

I've kind of taken a break from riding.  I hate when it starts to feel like time takes for ever and flies by at that same time.  I popped on Grace for a few minutes Saturday morning but other than that nothing.  I've been so busy with the move, with helping my sister with some things in her life and with other animal related issues I'll get to in a minute.  Why does real life always interfer with my riding right when things are getting good?  I did get some pictures of the new place to post though.

On Saturday I also let the trainer know that in August I want to move Grace home for a while.  Actually, what I want to do is move her to our neighbor's until we get the fences fixed up.  I'll be cleaning stalls and feeding about 10 horse two days a week in exchange for board.  I'm actually looking forward to the work.  The trainer was totally supportive and tried to give me another trail horse to take home as a companion!  Stormy is so cute I can't even look at him or I'll end up doing it and I don't need another horse.  He's a pretty red roan with two high whites and a baby doll face.  He's got ring bone or I'm sure he'd still be out showing.  I'm sad to be leaving though and told them I would be back for weekend lessons and if we go to a show I may take her over a week or two before for a tune up. 

I also had an appointment for the vet with December.  She's had reoccurring sinus infections and lost some weight.  We were pretty sure her teeth were involved so it was time for x-rays.  We went to see the now infamous Dr Carlson who floated her for me back in December.  He's too cute and the new vet assisting him, Edwardo, looks like he should be on the cover of a romance novel.  He even comes complete with a shy smile and latin accent.  So cute!  Even though I was pretty distracted by the pretty scenery, Sister says I went a little pale when they told me she had to have a tooth pulled.  I know a human tooth can cost a lot so I was a little nervous about the cost.  In the end it was expensive but not, like, I need to sell one of the children expensive. 

WARNING - These are pics of the gross tooth the vet came out to give me so I could take it home.  I felt the need to share. I can't believe how big this thing is and she's 14 so has significantly smaller roots then a younger horse!

In the second picture you can see the fracture in the bottom left side of the chewing surface that allowed the infection to start.  Hopefully with the tooth out we've resolved the issue but time will tell.  If there was any bone damage in the sinus we'll have to have that removed too. 

I'm back to riding this week.  I have lessons scheduled with Tax for Thursday and Friday.  I'm praying it doesn't completely kill me.


OneDandyHorse said...

EEW! I didn't know that a tooth could be so big... I'm not surprised but a bit amazed at how long the root is! Hope she's better after that! Glad your horses will be near you, it's so great to have them right there, in sight all the time!

Shanster said...

Good posts! Sounds like Tax is going great, and your move is good and all is well in your world. Well, other than the real world stepping in to get in the way of riding! It happens to all of us tho' and you are not alone. grin.

Congrats on your new place!!

Broken Pony said...

Just so you know.... I would feel bad about cutting into your riding time if you weren't to blame for this!!!!! LMAO!!! Ok, but seriously, THANK YOU SISTER!!!! Things will be looking up in no time! We'll be riding out at the lake and all of this will just seem like a long nightmare!!!

Fyyahchild said...

Anytime Sister. I appreciate you spending so much time with me at the vet on Sat.