Friday, July 2, 2010

On riding the broken pony and on moving...

Haha....I just read Sister's last comment.  So, here's how it went with her broken pony last Friday.  He's gotten pretty relaxed with her but apparently I'm still kinda scary.  When I first got on he wanted to work himself up to a tizzy.  I think this is because I ride with slightly more contact in both my legs and reins from being a mainly English rider.  It took him a little while to realize I wasn't going to pull on his mouth, just the soft contact felt a little different.  I stayed very patient, I stayed very quiet.  It was REALLY hot but I wanted him to relax at the trot and carry his own frame and not feel like he was going to run off with me.  Finally after trotting around the arena a gagillion times there was no head tossing and one very nicely moving pony.  We got there but by that time, his eyeballs were already sweating.  I'm not kidding...he lathered up in the crease of his eyelid.  It did, however, feel really good to get to that point without fighting with him.  See, I am patient.  Sometimes...

What I'm saying is that sweat was his own fault.  He didn't have to work so hard.  I didn't ask him to do anything but trot.  He wanted to be silly and get himself all sweaty but we worked it out.  We also walked down the driveway while we were cooling out and he was really good...didn't even try to look back at the barn.  Maybe he was tired?

Sister, I was running late and spent my time cleaning your pony so he wasn't itchy.  I owe you a saddle cleaning too.  He let me clean him up without pulling back or freaking out though.  :)

I also cantered Tax!  Like a real somewhat collected canter that felt like I had time to steer and I wasn't even in two-point.

I also made it out to ride Grace and she's really fantastic right now.  Her jog has actually gotten much prettier then I thought it would.  And she's maintaining it now without me constantly reminding her.  I almost have a finished WP horse.

I don't think I've mentioned it yet but we're moving.  To the country.  With 9 acres.  I'm pricing mare motels and tractrors right now.  I think I'm going to leave Tax in training for now but I think I'm going to bring Grace home to live with us.  The thought of a soft muzzle in the morning before work has me just as happy as can be.

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Sally said...

Nine acres sounds wonderful, and a horsey in the yard never hurts! :)