Thursday, November 4, 2010


Becky - I think I was wrong on his age in my last post or it was a different horse you read about.  Rhonda has had quiet a few of his half-brothers and sisters for sale too and I've loved them all for their temperment, big build and pretty movement.  Charlie is 6 and over 17 hands.  He's bigger than Tax!  He a minimal sorrel overo with a belly spot and two white hinds.  He also has a cool Harry Potterish thunder bolt of white around one front cannon bone.  He has a big blaze with a couple of dark spots in it around his eyes.  He's also got the cutest tight little jog and a slow lovely lope.  He's awesome in the Western Pleasure but can also scoot around a trail course and turns out nicely for the HUS.  A true all-around ammy horse. 

I talked to my trainer last night.  She has a contract waiting.  She has a down payment and she has Charlie's papers signed off by his last owners.  She's also very excited that he's going to me where she knows she'll get to see him again and that he'll be well cared for and shown.  I get to pick him up this weekend!

I'm going to spend the winter just getting to know him and I'll be taking him out on the trails for the first time probably ever.  In the spring I'll take him in to the trainer for a little tune up if needed and then we'll start another show season.  I guess that means I need to call a guy about some chaps.  I never did have them finished and I already paid for the materials.

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Shanster said...

Congrats to both you and Charlie! VERY exciting and fun... new bonds and relationships.