Monday, November 8, 2010

Pictures of Charlie

Not, the best pics ever because I took them with my phone but here's Charlie getting settled into his new home.  This is him in our turn out when I got him back to my barn on Saturday.

I have to admit there are moments I've wondered if I did the right thing.  Grace is such a pretty girl and I'm going to miss her cute face and darling personality.  Then I turned Sir Charles out and let him run.  I'd forgotten how beautiful he is when he's moving.  Moves like Majick is a very appropriate name!

The perspective in this one is a little weird and he looks thin but he's not.  I just wanted to post because look at that handsome face!

 I love that bright chestnut color that shines like new pennies.  Always been one of my favorites.

Three dark spots right down his nose.  I'd recognize this face anywhere.

His high whites in the back.  I didn't get his cool stripe in the front but I'll have to post it sometime.  Its pretty neat.  He also has one belly spot I'll have to post sometime.

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