Thursday, November 18, 2010

Show Pics

 I like this pic of us.  I think I look...not as fat.  LOL  Tax of course looks perfect.

 This is typical.  Tax looks asleep and I have my hands in my lap. 
 Warm up jumps with my trainer, Tina.  I like that my rein is a little loose and I'm not ripping off his face.  Also, I'm looking up. Yay, me.
 Not bad although my leg still slips back a little more than I'd like.
Not sure about this one.  Why are my hands in my lap again?  Why aren't my heels down?  But I love the big pony's face and crazy winter mane.  So cute.
Most of the pics in my crossrails class were too far away to see much.  This was coming down the last line.  Nice and straight.  We may not have gotten a ribbon in this class but you have to add up all the little things that went well.  Tax is right where I want him to be right now. 


Shanster said...

I think you guys look FABULOUS together! What a great horse! I'm not a hunter/jumper anymore... geez, that was a lifetime ago but I think you look just fine.

There are always a million +1 things we can nitpick about ourselves and position. The important tihng is you guys are out there and you are doing it and he looks so happy. You are doing a lot o' things right me thinks.


Fyyahchild said...

Thanks Shanster! I didn't mean to sound too critical. Believe me I'm thrilled with where we're at. This is the first time I've seen pics of me really riding in over a year so it was a great tool to figure out what to work on next.

I think he looks happy too. Look at his ears in that last pic. I love that happy forward expression in his whole body. Yay!