Monday, April 12, 2010

New Hairdo

I got to the barn Saturday for my first lesson on Tax and there has been a new dramatic change. Tax got his first haircut! The trainer and I had discussed pulling his mane for show season but I admitted being nervous because I'm not that experienced with it. Apparently she got tired of dealing with his wild mountain pony hair and got started. It looks great! Really shows off the muscles developing in his neck. I'll take out my camera this week and get some pictures for you. He looks so different even from that last pic I posted.

My lesson went okay but as expected I'm extremely out of shape. I keep losing my lower leg and then tipping forward too far. I've got to practice working on my alignment when I post the trot. It doesn't help that I'm top heavy and as sway backed as an old mule. My trainer recommended I get my booty jogging regularly again and I've got to stretch my lower back and hip flexors to get some range of motion. When I finally got it right it was so painful I made it a couple laps around and had to walk, catch my breath and start up again. Other than that I need to focus on keeping my hands up, upright and tight. I have puppy paws...oh no! We just working on the trot for now, but oh, Tax feels wonderful. Strong and light in his frame. Yay!

Discussed names with my trainer. She doesn't like Perfect Storm because she feels it could have a negative connotation. She liked My Hero. I didn't run Emmerson by her but maybe I'll do that. Love the poet...good name too.

I worked all weekend on breaking in my show boots, and I'm going to get fitted for my chaps today.

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Yankecwgrl said...

Sounds like fun! Good luck at the show!

I like "one word" names.
Open up Word.....type in a few words that describe Tax and then ask the thesaurus to find 'other' options for that same might stumble upon something you like!

OR....pick a word you like and find it in another language....that's nice too!